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Dreamhost Coupon Code - A Dream Come True

Dreamhost coupon code offers excellent savings for the ones willing to make a mark on the internet. Dreamhost is a popular website hosting company in the USA. They are well known for their $8 a month web hosting and amazing services like private servers, unlimited disk storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited databases and IMAP, POP3, spam filtering for email, backup facilities, provision of control panels and excellent customer support.

A number of websites swear by their service. If you would like to join the bandwagon, the first place to start at is dreamhost coupon code. These coupons can save your money and ensure that you get additional features. The coupons keep changing periodically with exciting offers every time.

Dreamhost Coupon Features

The current dreamhost coupons have several delightful features. There is one that waives the setup fee for $50 on your yearly plans, while there is another that provides five lifetime domain registrations free. Some other coupons are offering four lifetime domain registrations for free and one lifetime IP address for free.

If you are looking at more IP addresses and fewer domain registrations, there are two coupons, one of which offers three lifetime IP addresses for free along with free two lifetime domain registrations, and another one offers two lifetime IP addresses for free, and free three lifetime domain registrations. Domain registration is free with all new accounts.

Dreamhost Coupon Codes

Using dreamhost coupon code is very easy. While you are registering for web hosting, before you get to the payment screen, you will get a page asking about a dreamhost promo code. The promo code is nothing but the dreamhost coupon code. Just go ahead and enter the code that you are willing to avail based on your choice, and you are all set.

Dreamhost Guarantee

For the ones who are still thinking whether it will all work out well or not, dreamhost offers 14 days free trial and 97-day guarantee. While you get 14 days trial for free, if you feel that the services are not good enough and want to close your account then you have 97 days to decide and dreamhost refunds all your payments made within those 97 days.

Here is how you make a decision about which dreamhost promo code to use. If you are looking at a new website for your products or services the coupon that offers $50 off is the best choice. However, if you would like multiple domains for date security purposes, or for ease in categorization of your products or for ease in other technical operations, then the dreamhost coupons that offers multiple domain registrations for free is the one to go for.

If you would like several IP addresses in order to obtain search engine optimization on your website, then the dreamhost coupon codes that offer free lifetime IP addresses is the one to go for. Hacking your own dedicated IP is said to be an important parameter in search ranking, this helps in gaining a higher ranking for your website even during organic search.

Dreamhost coupon code is a dream come true for those who are seeking excellent services in website hosting with limited budget. This 11 year old company has carved a niche for itself in superior customer service and continues to delight customers in all ways possible.