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Blue Skies For Our Children

I have been working for a car magazine for 6 years now and I really enjoy it, I get to travel to many different places in my used Honda carand meet new people. Last week my boss sent me on a mission that I thought won�t be possible but I somehow managed to complete it without any problem.

I was asked to find out about Honda�s new slogan - Blue Skies for Our Children, and what it means to Honda. I had no idea who I was meant to speak to or where I was meant to go, so I started my research into the company to figure out where I should head towards.

I spent many sleepless nights gathering as much information as I can on Honda, as I was running out of time. My boss was on my case reminding me about my deadline date, I wasn�t that worried because I had almost everything I needed to write my article on Honda.

But there was only one thing I couldn�t do, which was to get a face to face interview with a member of the Honda team and I didn�t really mind who it was with. So I decided to try for a telephone interview with a member of the Honda team, and luckily I managed to get an interview with Ben Knight, Vice President, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

We spoke for about an hour, which was enough time to get all the information I need, so now all I have to do is sort out all the useful information and write up my article.