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Auto Transmission Basic

Automatic transmission is that little box at the base of your car that frees you from having to change gears again & again & alternating one foot between the brake pedal & the clutch. It is a motor vehicle transmission that changes gears automatically, so you can drive more freely. It is important to know that this is just a variation of the manual motor transmission, just like a semi-automatic transmission & the continuous variable transmission. There are a number of different gear ranges for the automatic transmission that make it a lot easier to drive a car with auto transmission. Switching between the different modes requires the driver of the vehicle to press a button on the gear handle, which is called the �shift lock button� & once the gear is moved the button locks the gear in place to make sure there is no unwanted gear shifting. There are different gear modes, some classical & some introduced in newer models. The classic gear shifts modes are: P � Park: Once selected, the transmission is locked in place & the car is restricted to move in any direction. But the Park gear only locks the transmission from rotating.

The car�s wheels could still move & this is why the Park gear should be coupled with the hand brake to make sure the car does not move. R � Reverse: This neat gear mode makes it possible for the car to move backwards. To select this gear mode, the car must be brought to a complete stop. Otherwise, you might cause internal damage to your car. N � Neutral: This breaks all connections of the transmission with the driven road wheels, so the car can move freely. This feature is usually used on slopes where the car does not need the engine to provide any additional force to push the car forward. D � Drive: The automatic transmission has a range of gears & this mode allows the car to accelerate while automatically shifting between those gear ranges. There are normally up to five-speeds. But newer models have introduced ranges up to seven-speeds. 3 � Third:

This mode locks the transmission to not increase than the first three gears & hence, the speed of the car is controlled to within the limit the three-speed range allows. 2/S � Second: Just like Third gear, this mode locks the transmission in the second gear ratio. 1 � First: This mode locks the transmission in the first gear. This gear is optimally used when driving on iced roads in the extreme snowy winters. The car can only be started while in 2 gears, either P or N. Otherwise, your car won�t start as it might be unsafe. & there are other options for gear modes in the newer model auto transmissions. But the ones mentioned above are the modes that are present in all auto transmissions. Automatic transmission makes driving a lot easier than manual transmission, especially for the laid back driver who does not want the hassle of having to shift gears again & again.