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I have worked at a Nissan dealership for a number of years. I was offered the job from Nissan while I was still at school in the 80�s. Back then there was a lot more work compared to now and neither me or my friends had any trouble finding employment. However, recently there has been a reduction in the amount of working shifts available to me and so I decided that I would branch out into different ways of subsidising my income. A friend had told me about Ebay and how easy it was to buy and sell things. Through my work at Nissan, I had access to a lot of spare Nissan Parts that were often discarded by the dealership. These parts were for Nissan cars only and were actually quite valuable. I asked my manager if I could keep the parts that were destined for the bin and he gave me permission. I then began selling the Nissan Parts on Ebay and monitoring the sales when I was not working at the dealership. Before I knew it I was not only earning enough to replace the loss of earnings but actually earning more than I
had every earned before. I soon set up a proper shop on Ebay and had built up quite a respectable customer base. I have plans to eventually leave the Nissan dealership altogether and concentrate just on selling the parts. I will first have to strike a deal with my manager to ensure a steady supply of Nissan Parts